After Uncle Bungee's failed attempt at destroying Bananaphone, Uncle Bungee became obsessed with destroying banana related articles and so he set forth to get another Ultra Fail badge and destroy Dancing Banana.

The eventEdit

Chapter 1: Uncle Bungee Returns:

After Uncle Bungee got banned (see Attack of Uncle Bungee), he kept begging to Big Mick,

"Please unban me! I won't say it again, promise."

Big Mick paused.

"I'll think about it" said Big Mick  "Hmmm, I'll unban you if you never say that again"

"Really, THANK YOU! What can I do without you, Big Mick." said Uncle Bungee.

"Yeah, right" said Big Mick and he walked away.

Chapter 2: Banana kill:

After Big Mick walked away, Uncle Bungee gone crazy and went on his computer.

"I'm gonna write a letter on Notepad and copy it to the user who made the banana pages" said Uncle Bungee who is acting crazy.

"Dear Admin, delete the banana pages. by Uncle Bungee"

"It's done! It's done, its really-" said Uncle Bungee.

An anvil fell from the sky and and flattened him again.

"That's what you get for threatening us to delete one of the best pages on the wiki."  replied the admin.

Uncle Bungee stopped acting crazy and went over to Dancing Banana's house.

Final Chapter: It's peanut butter jelly death:

"I WILL KILL YOU, STUPID BANANA!" screamed Uncle Bungee as he pulled out a knife and sliced up Dancing Banana.



  • Uncle Bungee got the Ultra Fail badge again. Badge-334-7