The most pathetic form that evil ever manifested itself in a small, edible package.

Bananaphone is a fruit called a banana that lives in your igloo on Club Penguin. He also happens to be your uncle who tries to make you be exactly like him and do his every command.


Bananaphone was born on December 31st, 1999 on a candypear tree. When everyone saw the strange fruit, they gasped. He was not a candypear and thus, could not be sold. So they threw him into a toilet and flushed him down. However, his skin caught on a hook in the toilet, and he wouldn't go down. Seeing this, the penguins called him "miraclepear" and decided to put him in a circus. While on the way to the circus, he bounced out of the car and rolled into a wild puffle's lair, where he was instantly eaten. Strangely the puffle threw him up and left him on the floor to rot. However, he did not die. One day a penguin found him and stuck their cell phone in him, thinking that it made him look "funny". Bananaphone thought it was nether, and suddenly decided to spit some of his goop onto the penguin. The penguin suddenly went crazy and started yelling "OMG! I GIVE YOU FREE MEMBERSHIP!". In no time he was banned by the admins and Bananaphone, realizing that the goop that was his insides could brainwash penguins and decided to do it more often.


Bananaphone may seem kind and polite on the surface but below that yellow skin he's really a evil, treacherous psychopath. He'll stop at nothing to destroy penguins, even murder and theft, and he loves to brainwash them into saying phrases that will get them banned. Bananaphone is very sensitive to pain and cannot stand any of it which is one reason for him not being public enemy number 1.


Bananaphone somehow lives in your igloo where he keeps trying to convince you to say "OMG! I GIVE YOU FREE MEMBERSHIP!". Strangely nobody has tried to ban him yet, thinking that he is "funny" or "cute". He is often seen outside of your igloo and always somehow happens to be on the same bus/car/train/group as you are.

Bananaphone is communist?!Edit

It was rumoured back in 2009 that Bananphone had allied itself with Soviet Russia in a plot to take over the universe and fill it with pancakes. This of course went viral and spreaded over the CPNW like butter spread on toast. a year later it was prooven false and that the rumour was actually started by a walrus in the attempt to gain lulz. But, of great annoyance to Bananaphone, his article was placed in the category of "Communism" to commemrate the huge rumour.


  • Yob is terrified of him and wishes that he was dead.

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