Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a place where people who quit Club Penguin yet they still love it for a st00pid reason. This is a fictional encyclopedi-- error found. Fictional encyclopedias don't exist. If it's fictional, it can't be an encyclopedia because encyclopedias are factual.

This is the point: the calories are dumb because seriously? Who would parody and create a calorie on something that exists right here in reality? That's what I thought, you idiotic pudding cups. Now I'm leaving. I've had enough nonsense for TODAY.


What they doEdit

They mess up your life for the lulz.

  1. You look at their articles.
  2. You like their articles.
  3. You start editing on an IP address (you can skip this).
  4. You create an account. (associate)
  5. You 'edit' (do 'jobs' for the godfather).
  6. Proclaim Explorer and TurtleShroom and Happyface as your masters.
  7. Edit MOAR.
  8. Get promoted to a rollback (picciotto).
  9. Edit MOAR.
  10. Get promoted to sysop (soldato).
  11. Edit MOAR.
  12. Get promoted to bureaucrat (capodecina).
  13. Edit MOAR.
  14. Get promoted to either godfather, underboss, or consigliere (UNCPW thought they got rid of it when they didn't). The current godfather is TurtleShroom, the underboss is Explorer 767, and the position of consigliere is vacant.
  15. If you're the consigliere, you just give advice. Don't worry because slowly, you'll rise to godfather. If you're the underboss, you're second in command but you want to be first. So destroy the godfather because he's the leader. If you're the godfather, watch out because you'll be destroyed by the underboss.
  16. Edit MOAR.
  17. So now you're the godfather? What to do? Simple; start the process all over again by recruiting a user. You'll get the lulz cause you're making users edit. This will cause them to not concentrate on school work.
  18. By the way, your life will be screwed because the underboss will destroy you and because you concentrated so much on rising to godfather, you haven't studied for your test.



  • It is so fail that it won our Ultra Fail badge: Badge-334-7