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Welcome to the Club Penguin Nonsense Wiki! This is the place where you can create articles that make little to no sense or that are completely humorous such as Club Pudding, Club Penguin, Where is New Pin, Party at my Igloo, ABC to Date Me, Banned, You, Epic Phail, and OMG! I GIVE YOU FREE MEMBERSHIP!.

Also, if your new to the wiki, we suggest you take a look at the COP. OBEY THE COP NAO NAO NAO!!

oh-em geaey, dis wiki is SO PHUNAEY XDDDD


[22:45] <Dancing Penguin> also true
[22:45] ... ya think we can get 100 pages in a week?
[22:46] <Akbaboy> Sure
[22:46] ... Why not?
  • Yeah, you heard him! DP 21:51, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

Our blog

  • RockoRocks


    November 1, 2013 by RockoRocks

    Hello fellow fagits, since you know this wiki is entirely dead and NONE of the original admins still come here, ME AND NEEDFORSTEAM are now the BOSSES of this wiki. That means new rules:

    1. NO stupid meme overuse in any article
    2. No crappy humour and 12-year old humour. Crimes against humour will be punished with execution!
    3. Bad articles will be deleted VANDALIZED!!!'
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  • Dancing Penguin

    Ok, first of all, congratulations on our 50 articles! I'm pretty sure that the whole communi-, oh who am I kidding; I'm pretty sure that XTUX, Akbaboy, Diosus and I, the only editors, worked a lot on this.

    Now, for a serious note. Template:Humor was added to several pages so that our visitors (30 daily according to Quantcast) don't feel offended.

    Also, WE'RE NOT FANON. I know that our userbase comes from that wiki, but stick your imagination to humour. So stories are allowed, just don't go promoting them on the sidebar instead of real canon content, like Rockhopper.

    Another thing is memes. They have nothing to do with CP. Even if they are funny, they're for a regular Nonsense Wiki. Actually, wouldn't it be more appropriate it the wiki was just Nonsense Wiki? Comment.

    PS: We need to get 100 articles by weekend. We're in half of the week and we're half way there. DP 19:10, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Diosus

    They are pretty much pointless and just a way for users to bring up their edit counts by Drive By Tagging articles with them.

    Reasons to Delete:

    • There are pointless and could be counted as Spam
    • They take up needed space on an article's list of categories
    • They dont help people find articles that they are looking for like what categories are suppost to do.
    • They are causing XTUX to create like 20 pointless badges that users can earn for contributing to articles with Spam and Fail Categories (that means all articles)

    So, do you agree/disagree with me? Comment below.

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