The Club Penguin Wiki ( or is a wiki about Club Penguin. So is it written by their staff? NO. It's by a bunch of fanatics with nothing better to do than write factual, not fictional, information about a game.

But who would do that? Who would write about their game? Who would post the newest pin on the main page when it comes? Who would bother writing about the new helmet, jacket or uniform? Who would bother trying to put a neutral point of view or fix grammar?

Who would bother making thousands and thousands of edits, spend the entire days on their IRC an-- wait, IRC? So, this isn't a community about Club Penguin, it's an encyclopedia ... so what do they talk about on their IRC? You don't want to know.

Anyways, they try too hard just to get some profit. Wait, there's no profit? HAHAHA, it's a Wikia! They don't get profit. You work hard, you could be making profit!!! But you're not making profit!!!

Nah just kidding. They're awwwwwright AND SUCK BIG FAT HAIRY COCKS.

By the way, they claim to be factual but the only wiki that is factual is this one. O RLY?!? YA RLY!!!

They are also ruled by an communist evil seahorse who thinks classic internet memes are troll feeding. What a n00b!