Disney is an EEEEEVIL corporation made to destroy the children's dreams. O RLY?

Just messin' with ya.

It's actually more complicated than that. They create the children's dreams with subliminal messages on their terrible movies, their terrible TVs shows, their terrible music, but mainly their terrible Club Penguin online game.


NOTE: This is Disney's top secret plan to brainwash kids.

How to brainwash kids - by DisneyEdit

  1. Collect all your soiled parts from their brain or wherever you keep their intelligence. Make sure you find everything.
  2. Sort the brain pieces into piles. There are two important considerations here: what kind of fabric is it (as in movies, shows) and how childish.
  3. Remember, cartoons and music should not be washed together.
  4. Close the door of the washing machine and push the on button.
  5. Come back when the washer is done and take the pieces out. Shake them gently, and put into a dryer to dry or you can hang them on a clothes rack.
  6. Put them back into the child's heads and TU-DAH!

You have successfully brainwashed a child.