The Festival of Fart was a party held on August 2009 on Club Penguin Island. The party was primarily enjoyed by flying bathtubs.

The EventEdit

The idea for the Festival of Fart was conceived by Paranoid G. He thought to himself, "Hey, if those bathtubs can fly, why can't penguins?". So, he invented the Fart Machine 3000. It harnesses the power of beans and other foods that cause flatulence to fill giant balloons full of fart gas. The balloons lifted Club Penguin Island off out of the ocean.


The whole island was decorated with balloons and empty baked bean cans. Clouds covered parts of the island. The free item was a hat that made a penguin fly (the leftover ones from April Fool's, FOOL!). Members were given exclusive access to the Fart Machine 3000 but not too many wanted to go there because of the odor. Members, since they are favored, were able to buy air fresheners, whoopie cushions, and gas masks to wear and flying bathtubs and levitating furniture for their igloo.


The party's ending was very smelly. Rookie had tripped on an empty can of air freshener and his fountain pen flew out of his flipper. The pen somehow flew all the way across the island, from the Ski hill to the Town, and hit one of the main baloons. The island flew around, and penguins had to grab on to things likes trees, buildings, and icicles to prevent themselves from falling off. Eventually the island landed back in it's place, causing a huge splash. The stench lingered for days.