Flying bathtubs are a very ferocious species of bathroom tubs that has the ability of flight. They are known to be able to clone themselves to get advantages (which usually happens every 3 seconds), which is one reason why they are very common.


Flying bathtubs were invented when a mad scientist had to go to the bathroom and then after flushing it, touching the bathtub without washing his hands. The bathtub came to life, started flying, cloned himself into three and one of them ate him up, with the victim no longer being in existence.


Flying bathtubs are very ferocious creatures that are known to attack on sight. They normally hunt in packs and soar high in the sky to scout for potential meals then swoop down on their prey and gobble it up with their tiny, invisible mouths. They love expensive bathroom cleaning sprays and will do anything to get one.


Flying bathtubs roam Club Penguin Island, looking for food and expensive cleaning sprays for themselves. They are very infamous amongst the local penguins and they are feared greatly. In fact, penguins often leave the area if a flying bathtub is RUMORED to be in the area. How sad and communist and capitalist.


  • there is rumoured to be an elite force of Flying Bathtubs in Soviet Russia. So far, no proof of this rumour.
  • For unknown reasons the Str00del Mafia almost worships flying bathtubs.