"You are traveling down a path and come to a fork in the road. A sign lays fallen at the path indicating that one path leads to a village where everyone tells the truth and the other to a village where everyone tells lies. The sign has been knocked down so you do not know which path leads to which village. Then someone from one of the villages (you don't know which one) comes down the path from which you came. You may ask him one question to determine which path goes to which village. What question do you ask?"

Did ya ever watch "Lie To Me"? Of course not but I have. Cosmopolitan says everyone says four lies per day in average. Not that I trust that magazine actually. This website says it's 26. I think that number may be more accurate.

Imagine that you go to Club Penguin and you're on some room with two guys. One of the guys is a non-member, you can see it by the clothes he wears. Go straight to the point. "why arent you a member". He won't say anything. Maybe it's because the word "member" is blocked by the filter, but it's probably because he's ashamed. "because i dont want to", he says 30 seconds later. That's a LIE you spot right there. Who doesn't want to be a member on CP? And why take so long to answer?

Now turn to the member guy. "whats the worst lie youve ever told". "none man im a member see? i have great clothes and all i dont need to lie". "what about in real life". "im just as cool in real life as im cool here". That's a LIE right there. People who become members are people who're trying to hide their terrible, terrible lives.


Members = liars

Non-members = liars