Soviet Russia is a country full of communist dummies who look down upon epic capitalism. Also in Soviet Russia, everything is upside down and it is commonly known as The Place Where Mudkipz Liek U. My reaction? O_O. Anyways, mudkipz arent supposed to liek u ... u are supposed to liek mudkipz.


Long ago, some n00b ran out of cheezburgers so he decided to become a communist to get more than anybody. Then he made Soviet Russia and created these mutant mudkipz that liek u.

After that, he made a law that everyone had to play Club Pudding so everyone got fat and eat Str00del.


Their currency is waffles. Why? BECAUSE PANCAKES ARE CAPITALIST!

The waffles all have the dictator's beloved leader's face on it. If his face isn't on it, it's counterfeit.

So yeah. If you have a waffle and way to put that n00b's face on it, you got cash.

Anyhow, most of Soviet Russia's people are n00bs so they don't know how to do it, so everyone's pretty much broke.

In Soviet Russia, trivia reads you!Edit

  • Yob is might be communist.
  • Soviet Russia is so fail that it won the Ultra Fail badge: Badge-334-7