The Str00del Mafia are the manufacturers of the famous st00pid thing, str00del. @nþ 7h€¥ 7@£k £¡k€ 7h¡§. By the way, they are led by Godfather Str00del, Underboss Mr. Bean and Consigliere Weegee.


The Str00del Mafia started out with Godfather Str00del (only called Str00del) making str00del. He proposed it to some investors but failed to get invested. Suddenly, an evil organized crime syndicate called the Club Penguin Wiki liked the idea and agreed to help Str00del get it on the shelves. After threatening several stores, Str00del had recruited the most st00pid mafiastos in the world to aid him. After fighting with the godfather of the CPW, they offered protection to the crime group from the rival mafia, the Walrus Mafia. It was an epic fail because walri like being Str00delised and came back for moar str00del. The Str00del Mafia protected the shops from danger or threatened them with Str00delisation unless they sold str00del and threatened penguins who didn't buy str00del to buy str00del. Riches came through until a Wikia Police Force police officer called Joeyaa banned Str00delisation on CPW. He exiled the Str00del Mafia to the fanon (we'll explain below). CPW was a major source of income but now CPFW provides it. B¥ 7h€ w@¥, þ¡þ w€ §@¥ 7h@7 7h€¥ §p€@k l33t? 0h ¥€@h, w€ þ¡þ.

What they doEdit

Str00del Mafiasto: 9¡V€ µ§ ¥0µR M0N€¥!

Str00del Mafiasto: W€'££ pr07€ç7 ¥0µ ¡ƒ ¥0µ 9¡v€ §€££ §7r00þ€£ @nþ 9¡v€ µ§ m0n€¥.

Str00del Mafiasto: Bµ¥ §7r00þ€£ ƒr0m µ§!

Str00del Mafiasto: W€ @£§0 §€££ w@ƒƒ£€§, p@nç@k€§, @nþ ƒr€nçh 70@§7.

Godfather Str00del: þ0 ¥0µ £¡k€ w@ƒƒ£€§?

Str00del Mafiasto: ¥€@h ¡ £¡k€ w@ƒƒ£€§!

Godfather Str00del: þ0 ¥0µ £¡k€ p@nç@k€§?

Str00del Mafiasto: ¥€@h ¡ £¡k€ p@nç@k€§!

Godfather Str00del: þ0 ¥0µ £¡k€ ƒr€hçh 70@§7?

Str00del Mafiasto: ¥€@h ¡ £¡k€ ƒr€nçh 70@§7!

Godfather Str00del: W€££, þ0n€, ¥0µ @r€ n0w @ m@þ€ m@n. W€£ç0m€ 70 7h€ §7r00þ€£ M@ƒ¡@! ¥0µr ƒ¡r§7 j0b; 90 7hr€@7€n 7h€ ç0ƒƒ€€ §h0p 70 0n£¥ m@k€ §7r00þ€£ ç0ƒƒ€€.