An example of a image on the UNCP, DISNEY IS EVIL ZOMG!!!!111!!

The Un Club Penguin Wiki is basically a collaboration of 12 year olds who hate disney because they got scared by a micky mouse doll when they were 3 and think they are soooo "bad/freaking humourous" because they have the ability to type four letter swears and press "enter". An example of their articles is pretty much a bunch of swear words followed by some "DISNEY IS TAKING OVER CLUB PENGUIN!!1!" rant or photo. They are probaly also a perfect example of a website that scares small children. We hate them. Good for us, they got taken down, HA HA! We also think we are better than them because we are.

Example of their articlesEdit

@#$@%#@!$@@!$%^&@^@%^@%W@$@%@!%@$%!!!! OMG! DISNEY IS TAKING OVER CLUB PENGUIN!


  • They are terminated by the evil forces of Duke Onkled.
  • We're better than them. We really are. Really.
  • That fact has been approved by an UNCP contributor.
  • 50% of their articles are crap. But hey, they're not as bad as the un-mario wiki which is 80% fanon, 19% memes and 1% unfunniness.

History Edit


The un-club penguin wiki was created when uncyclopedia divided un-club penguin wiki by zero. There for Uncyclopedia, the god of all nonsense wiki's like this one is it's dad. Or mom. Maybe both.

2010 Ultra Fail AwardEdit

What did you expect? Of course a wiki of such FAIL MAGNITUDE would eventually be awarded by one of the CPNW admins the offical Ultra Nonsense Award: Badge-334-7


The un-club penguin wiki was terminated around march 2012, when a couple of butthurt Club Penguin Wiki contributors reported the wiki to their mommy because they were 'making fun of them'. Then, the un-club penguin wiki was crudely taken down.

Failed resurrection Edit

In 2013 some crazy newb tried to resurrect the un-club penguin wiki (Click here to see it) but it failed because the founder was somehow blokkrd 4eva by the kings and supreme rulers staff of wikia and other users were making articles on it that were even worse than the original Un-Club Penguin Wiki!!!

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