Who are we? Continue on to find out, young one.

  • We are the world.
  • We are the children.
  • We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let's start giving.
  • We are mythical beings who control you.
  • We created this web site.
  • We were in this place before you.
  • We are outside, in reality.
  • We ARE this web site.
  • We can never contact you.
  • We are a silent force.
  • We wrote, created, and control you.
  • We sometimes don't have reasons for what we do.
  • We are not one.
  • We are the champions
  • We pity anyone who tries to defy us.
  • We are your rulers, masters, boss, whatever you name it.
  • We ARE this web site.
  • Did I mention that we ARE this web site?