Where is New Pin is the most annoying thing you'll find on Club Penguin.

So basically Club Penguin releases a new badge called a pin every two weeks and hides it in some random object in a room. Your job apparently is to find it, add it to your items, and use it on your player card if you want. But every two weeks there's always the DUMB GUY asking "where is new pin" like you can't find them YOURSELF.

Dude, there about 20 rooms. You can waste a few minutes and look for yourself but don't waste MY time asking me and spamming their servers ... but if you're too lazy to find the pin yourself, there are websites for that, IDIOT!

The Club Penguin Wiki has a nice page with all the pins for people like you who are too LAZY. Can't scroll all the way down to find the new pin? GO TO THE MAIN PAGE. Yes, their main page has the newest pin on THE RIGHT SIDEBAR.

I mean seriously! who can't walk and find the pin there self instead of annoying the Cr@p out of everyone else?!


Now that you read this, if I ever see you asking for the new pin on Club Penguin, I will BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!